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NTSB issues recommendations after Cessna 525 loss of elevator trim control
13 September 2007

In the wake of an accident involving a Cessna Citation 525 in July 2003, the NTSB issued two safety recommendations. The aircraft in question ditched following a loss of elevator trim control that resulted in an uncommanded nose-down pitch attitude.
The NTSB recommends the FAA to:
Require Cessna to modify the Citation 525 to incorporate an
aural trim-in-motion warning and the addition of contrasting color bands on the pitch trim wheel to provide the pilot with more timely recognition of a trim runaway condition before control forces become unmanageable. (A-07-52)

Require Cessna to perform analysis and conduct a test to
demonstrate that the maximum control forces in a Cessna
Citation 525 meet the certification requirements of 14 Code
of Federal Regulations Part 23 during a pitch trim runaway
condition. The analysis and test should comply with the
pilot-recognition time requirements provided in Advisory
Circular 23-8, “Flight Test Guide for Certification of Part
23 Airplanes.” If, after accomplishing the analysis and
test, Cessna is unable to demonstrate that the Citation 525
meets the certification requirements, require Cessna to take corrective action so that the airplane does meet
certification requirements. (A-07-53)

Require Cessna to replace the pitch trim circuit breaker on
the Citation 525 with a collared circuit breaker to aid the
pilot in quickly identifying it if necessary. (A-07-54) (NTSB)

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