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Taiwan airlines experience over 1,000 bird strikes in five years
2 August 2007

Aircraft belonging to Taiwan-based airlines experienced a total of 1,009 bird strikes between 2002 and 2006, according to the Flight Safety Foundation-Taiwan.
Of these incidents, 82 cases occurred at airports of foreign countries, and 125 cases involved damage to the aircraft, meaning one plane was damaged for every eight bird strike incidents on average.
Bird strikes at Taiwan airports has been declining in recent years owing to the installation of various bird repellent devices. The number of bird strikes totaled 203 in 2002 and 237 in 2003, dropping to 198 in 2004 and further to 138 in 2005, although the figure increased slightly to 151 in 2006.
During the 2002-2006 period, bird strikes resulted in a total of 26 abnormal situations in which the aircraft was either forced to return to the airport, give up a takeoff attempt or make an emergency landing. (CNA)