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South Korea: PMT Air has safety problems, inspection shows
21 July 2007

An inspection of foreign carriers serving South Korea showed that Cambodian airline PMT Air had unattended safety deficiencies.
The inspection of seven foreign airlines by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) followed the crash of a PMT Air plane last month in southern Cambodia in which 13 South Korean tourists died.
PMT Air topped the list with 10 deficiencies, followed by Russia’s SAT Airlines and Cambodia’s Royal Khmer Airlines, with seven and five safety problems respectively, the report said.
PMT Air was cited because its crew captains, non-maintenance personnel, conducted safety maintenance checks 26 times over the past three months. The company was also found to have not updated its service route guidelines.
SAT Airlines was found to have used non-standard parts in the front wheels of its aircraft, while Royal Khmer hasn’t updated its service route guidelines.
(Yonhap News)