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NTSB investigating runway incursion in Fort Lauderdale
13 July 2007

The U.S. NTSB is investigating a runway incursion in Fort Lauderdale, FL in which two airliners may have come within 100 feet of each other. At about 14:30 on July 11, 2007, the crew of United Airlines flight 1544, an Airbus A-320, received taxi clearance from the terminal to runway 9L via taxiway T7.
Delta Airlines flight 1489, a Boeing 757, arriving from
Atlanta (ATL) was inbound for landing on runway 9L. As
United was taxiing on taxiway D near runway 9L, the tower
controller noticed the airplane was going too fast to hold
short of the runway and told the ground controller to tell
United to stop. United stopped on runway 9L, 30 feet from
the centerline.
As Delta flight 1489 was touching down on runway 9L,
the tower controller instructed them to `go around.` The
airplane became airborne and the tower controllers reported
that Delta flew over UAL by less than 100 feet.
Fort Lauderdale International Airport is not equipped
with either a ground safety system such as an Airport
Movement Area Safety System or Airport Surveillance
Detection Equipment. The United crew stated that they
missed the turn onto taxiway B. The FAA has classified this incident as a pilot deviation. (NTSB)