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EU black list of airlines: new measures against unsafe carriers
28 June 2007

The European Commission has received the unanimous opinion of its Air Safety Committee on the fourth update of the Community list of airlines banned in the European Union.
On the basis of this opinion of the Committee, the Commission should adopt a regulation updating the Community list in the coming days.
The decisions which the Commission intends to adopt include, in particular:
(1) a ban on all the 51 airlines certified in Indonesia;
(2) a ban on TAAG Angola Airlines;
(3) a ban on Volare Aviation Enterprise, Ukraine;
(4) the operational restriction already imposed on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) since March 2007 will be modified in order to allow operations into the Community with specific Boeing 747 and Airbus 310 aircraft in addition to its Boeing 777 fleet already authorised;
(5) a revision of the list of existing Kyrgyz companies. (Financial Mirror)