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South Korea publishes airline safety information
14 June 2007

South Korea`s Civil Aviation Safety Authority published comprehensive airline safety information, including passenger deaths, of 47 domestic and foreign airlines. The information includes an EU blacklist of airlines, records of deaths over the last five years and rates of delay and cancellation of flights at Incheon International Airport.
Four out of 43 foreign airlines operating in Korea have recorded deaths over the last five years: Garuda Airlines, Air China, China Airlines, and Uzbekistan Airways. In terms of flight cancellations, Iran Air topped the list at 4.55 percent, followed by Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy Airlines at 3.47 percent, Vladivostok Air JSC at 3.11 percent, Cambodia`s Royal Khmer Airlines at 2.67 percent and Russia`s Dalavia-Far East Airways at 2.67 percent. (Digital Chosun Ilbo)