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NTSB investigating runway incursion in San Francisco
11 June 2007

The NTSB is investigating a runway incursion in San Francisco (SFO) on May 26 in which two airliners may have come within 50 feet of each other on intersecting runways.
The SFO tower controller cleared SkyWest Airlines flight 5741, an Embraer 120 arriving from Modesto, to land on
runway 28R. Forgetting about the arrival airplane, the same
controller then cleared Republic Airlines flight 4912, an
Embraer 170 departing for Los Angeles, to take off from
runway 1L, which intersects runway 28R.
After the SkyWest airliner touched down, the Airport
Movement Area Safety System (AMASS) alerted and the air
traffic controller transmitted `Hold, Hold, Hold` to the
SkyWest flight crew in an attempt to stop the aircraft short of runway 1L. The SkyWest crew applied maximum braking that resulted in the airplane stopping in the middle of runway 1L. As this was occurring, the captain of Republic Airlines flight 4912 took control of the aircraft from the first officer, realized the aircraft was traveling too fast to stop, and initiated an immediate takeoff. According to the crew of SkyWest 5741, the Republic Airlines aircraft overflew theirs by 30 to 50 feet. The FAA has categorized the incident as an operational error. (NTSB)