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Serious runway incursion incident at LAX
13 May 2007

A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A.340-600 came with 50 feet from a Skywest Embraer 120 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on May 6. Skywest flight 1006 had arrived on a ferry flight from Redding (RDD) and landed on runway 24R. The pilot was instructed to taxi onto taxiway Zulu, but inadvertenly entered Yankee. After the controller stated that the plane was on the wrong taxiway, the pilot turned the aircraft around and taxied back toward the runway. At that moment Virgin flight 23 from London was landing on runway 24R. The controller then urged the Skywest pilot to make a sharp left turn onto Zulu, which he did. Just after vacating the runway, the Airbus passed by. (LA Times)