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FAA issues emergency AD on ERJ-170/190 cargo door opening in flight
19 March 2007

The FAA issues an emergency AD to prevent a cargo door from opening during flight; which could lead to structural failure or loss of control. The FAA had received a report that the aft cargo door of a Embraer ERJ 190 airplane opened in flight just after takeoff. The airplane returned to the departure airport and landed without incident. The assessment of the event indicated that the door was not fully closed when the airplane took off. Inspection of the airplane revealed that the door frame lateral roller fitting was cracked and the roller fitting cover plate was distorted. The roller fitting cover plate distortion caused a malfunction in the door position indication system. A similar situation was found on the forward cargo door on a Model ERJ 170 airplane. In that instance, the problem was discovered by ground personnel, and the door was secured prior to takeoff. (FAA)