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Serious airprox over France
19 February 2007

A report by the Swiss BFU indicated that a serious airprox happened over Lac d’Annecy, on February 8. A Berkut Tupolev 154 (UN-85173) was en route from Grenoble to Almaty and had been cleared to climb from FL240 to FL260. At the same time an Air Algérie Lockheed Hercules (7T-WHB) was en route from Pardubice to Boufarik at FL250. Both planes were on a collision course near the KOGAS beacon. The controllers at Geneva received a short term conflict alert (STCA) and the student controller instructed the Tupolev to halt their climb at FL250. The instructor controller intervened and ordered the Tupolev to climb to FL300 as fast as possible. The minimum distance was 100 feet vertical and 0,4nm horizontal. (BFU)