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ATSB issues research report on regional airline line operations safety audit
11 January 2007

Very little formal research has been done in Australia or overseas to assist with the development of safety models and tools for regional airline operations. Regional Express (REX) is a relatively new airline that was created by merging two separate and culturally different airline entities. After a post start-up initial settling in period, REX needed a new tool to further develop safety-based auditing for its newly combined flight operations department. The Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) offered through the University of Texas LOSA Collaborative, provided an effective tool for this purpose. Around the time REX was reviewing its need in this area, the LOSA Collaborative was confirming an interest in conducting research with regional airlines. The LOSA Collaborative wished to obtain data from regional airlines to add to its LOSA Archive database in order to move toward making the database more representative and the LOSA tools more relevant for use in the regional airline environment. The LOSA Collaborative set out to attract three regional airline participants to add their data through the LOSA process. Regional Express was successful in attracting funding under the Australian Transport Safety Bureaus Aviation Safety Research Grants Program to undertake the LOSA process. Completion of this project has added to the expansion of the LOSA database to include regional airline data. This report describes the LOSA process as it applies within the regional airline context of REX and the reported outcome types specific to the LOSA methodology, process, and tools. Regional Express is one of the first regional airlines globally to participate in a LOSA program. (ATSB)