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Runway incursion incident at Denver
6 January 2007

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a runway incursion today at Denver International Airport involving two airliners. At 19:28, Frontier Airlines flight 297, an Airbus A.319, broke out of low clouds as it was about to land on runway 35L. The Frontier flight crew saw a
Swearingen Metro, Key Lime Air flight 4216, which had
inadvertently entered the runway. The Frontier flight
immediately executed a missed approach. It is estimated
that the aircraft came within 50 feet of each other. The Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS) alerted the control tower personnel of the situation at the same time the Frontier crew saw the Metroliner on the runway. Weather at the time of the incident was one-half mile visibility, ceiling 600 feet overcast, snow and mist. (NTSB)