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Final investigation report into Helios crash released
10 October 2006

Greek investigators concluded their investigation into the August 2005 crash of a Helios Airways Boeing 737. It was concluded that the direct causes were: 1) Non-recognition that the cabin pressurization mode selector was in the MAN (manual) position during the performance of the Preflight procedure, the Before Start checklist and the After Takeoff checklist; 2) Non-identification of the warnings and the reasons for the activation of the warnings (Cabin Altitude Warning Horn, Passenger Oxygen Masks Deployment indication, Master Caution); and 3) Incapacitation of the flight crew due to hypoxia, resulting in the continuation of the flight via the flight management computer and the autopilot, depletion of the fuel and engine flameout, and the impact of the aircraft with the ground. (Hellenic Ministry of Transport)