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NTSB issues recommendation on ATC runway change clearances
25 September 2006

The NTSB issued a safety recommendation to the FAA in the course of the investigation into the on-board fire of a UPS DC-8-70 at PHL in February 2006. AT initially cleared the flight to land on runway 27R; however, in accordance with emergency procedures at PHL, ATC changed the clearance to
runway 27L after the flight crew reported the emergency. Although the pilot acknowledged the change in landing clearance, he continued for runway 27R. The controller ultimately cleared the flight to land on runway 27R when it was apparent that the flight crew had not understood the
change in landing clearance. The NTSB recommends to amend FAA Order 7110.65, “Air Traffic Control,” to require
that, when amending a runway assignment, controllers provide a specific instruction to the pilot advising of the runway change. For example, “UPS 1307, change to runway 27L, cleared to land.” (NTSB)