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Transport Canada`s cancelation of NexJet AOC upheld by appeal tribunal
9 August 2006

The Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada has ruled in favour of upholding Transport Canada’s decision to cancel NexJet Aviation’s air operator certificate. The decision to cancel NexJet’s AOC, effective on March 8, 2006, was based on a review of the company’s records relating to a number of suspensions and Notices of Suspension, regulatory offences and the company’s inability to demonstrate operational control, including proper record keeping and aircraft maintenance. NexJet was also found not to be operating under the conditions for which the Air Operator Certificate was issued. NexJet Aviation pursued their right to appeal through the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada within 30 days of the cancellation of their operator certificate. The Tribunal began on March 28, 2006 and a letter of decision was sent out on July 28, 2006. (Transport Canada)