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NTSB issues recommendation on aging aircraft inspections and record reviews
26 July 2006

In the light of their preliminary findings regarding the Grumman G-73 Turbo Mallard crash at Miami last year, the NTSB issued a safety recommendation to the FAA. It states: `Require records reviews, aging airplane inspections, and supplemental inspections for all airplanes operated under 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 121, all U.S.-registered airplanes operated under 14 CFR Part 129, and all airplanes used in scheduled operations under 14 CFR Part 135. This would include those airplanes operated under Part 135 that carry nine or fewer passengers and those that are operated in scheduled cargo service.` The FAA has been working on a final rule for aging airplanes for several years. The Safety Board however is concerned that the exemptions iterated in this final rule exclude airplanes such as the accident airplane that was being operated under 14 CFR Part 121 because it was type-certificated before January 1, 1958. The Safety Board also notes that the exemptions present in the final rule are contrary to the one-level-of-safety initiative that the FAA concluded in the mid 1990s, which required all commercial aircraft in scheduled passenger service having 10 or more seats to meet Part 121 requirements. (NTSB)