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TSB investigation into Halifax Boeing 747F crash reveals need for systems to mon
29 June 2006

The fatal crash of an MK Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane at Halifax, Canada in October 2004 underscores the need for better systems to ensure correct take-off speed and thrust, the TSB of Canada said in its final report. The report concluded that the speed and thrust settings selected by the crew members in preparation for their flight to Spain were incorrect for the weight of the Boeing 747-244SF, a converted B747. The aircraft did not achieve sufficient altitude, hit a berm at the end of the runway, crashed into the adjacent forest, and burned. All seven crew members died. The investigation found that the crew did not receive adequate training on the Boeing Laptop Tool, a computer program used to calculate the take-off velocity and power necessary in light of factors such as fuel weight, payload, and environmental conditions. TSB investigators found that crew fatigue and a dark take-off environment may have compounded the likelihood of error. (TSB)