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European Commission updates its aviation blacklist
23 June 2006

The European Commission issued the first quarterly update of the list of airlines banned in the European Union drawn up in March this year. The main changes made are: 1) three companies have been added because of national measures notified by the Member States: Blue Wing, based in Surinam (notified by France), and Sky Gate International (licensed in Kyrgyzstan and notified by the UK) are now subject to a total ban and Air West, based in Sudan (notified by Germany), is subject to operating restrictions; 2) one company, Star Jet, based in Kyrgyzstan, has been banned on the initiative of the Commission. It was found to be the same company as Star Air, licensed in Sierra Leone and already banned within the European Union; 3) the lists of companies licensed in the five countries now subject to a total ban have been updated on the basis of the latest register published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (13 more for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 26 for Equatorial Guinea, 19 for Liberia, 13 for Sierra Leone and 10 for Swaziland); 4) one company, Buraq Air, based in Libya, previously subject to operational restrictions on its cargo activities has been withdrawn from the list, as it no longer carries out this type of activity; 5) a European inspection visit established that companies based in Mauritania need not be subject to a ban on operations. Finally, not all the conditions for lifting the ban on GST Aero, based in Kazakhstan, have been fulfilled. (EU)