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NTSB cites flight crew, ATC in crash of air ambulance near Dan Diego
23 May 2006

The NTSB determined that a combination of flight crew and air traffic control deficiencies led to the night-time crash of a Learjet 35A near San Diego in October 2004. The Board determined that the probable cause of the accident was the flight crew`s failure to maintain terrain
clearance during a visual flight rules (VFR) departure,
which resulted in controlled flight into terrain, and the
air traffic controller`s issuance of a clearance that
transferred the responsibility for terrain clearance from
the flight crew to the controller. Additionally, the
controller`s failure to provide terrain clearance
instructions to the flight crew, and failure to advise the
flight crew of the minimum safe altitude warning (MSAW)
alerts was also causal to the accident. (NTSB)