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Investigation: inadequate information leads to 737 sliding off slippery apron
23 March 2006

The Dutch Safety Board completed its investigation into the accident involving an easyJet Boeing 737 that slid off the apron at Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) in December 2003. The fact that the flight crew did not follow up the instructions from air traffic control and decided to follow another taxiway route led to the pilot flying not being able to keep the aircraft under control, due to the slipperiness on that other route. The decision to take another route can be explained, among others, by the common, though incorrect, practice to let flight crews choose which taxiway they use in connection with the
illumination of the taxiway lighting of both parallel taxiways and the lighting of the aprons. The crew had not been informed and could not be aware of the nature and degree of slipperiness on the scene. The information of the ATIS was not correct, both in terms of phraseology and in terms of the actual situation. (Dutch Safety Board)