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South Korea concerned over low cost airlines
7 March 2006

Three low-cost airlines have come under criticism from the South Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation for their frequent delays and substandard safety measures. The airlines are Thai Sky Airlines, Orient Thai Airlines and Royal Khmer Airlines. The government inspection detected 18 items which violated or did not satisfy aviation standards. In the case of Thai Sky, some pilots` working hours exceeded the 110 hours monthly limit, and planes were not provided with repair checkup manuals. Engineers in Korea who help with the airline`s aircraft checks were found not to have licenses issued by the Thai government. Orient Thai also did not update safety and operational regulation manuals. Safety equipment on planes, such as fire extinguishers and oxygen tanks was not functioning correctly. For Royal Khmer, nine lights indicating emergency exits on planes were inoperative, and flights did not carry updated guidebooks for air routes including information about Inchon International Airport. The planes also loaded engine oil together with passengers` baggage without proper safety measures. (The Korea Times)