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Close call at LAX when 3 planes cleared for same runway
23 February 2006

It appears that on Feb. 17 three planes came dangerously close together at Los Angeles International Airport-LAX when a controller directed three aircraft onto a single runway at the same time. Around 22:50 an air traffic controller directed a departing Skywest Embraer 120 (flight 6631 to Santa Barbara-SBA) to taxi onto the same runway on which he had cleared a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 (flight 2081 from Tucson-TUS) to land. He also told an Air Canada Airbus 319, flight AC558 arriving from Toronto-YYZ, that it could cross the other end of the runway on its way to the terminals. The Skywest pilot saw the incoming Southwest jet and stopped short of the runway. The 737 landed about 275 feet away from and 50 feet above the Embraer. (Sign on San Diego)