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TSB issues safety recommendations on Cessna 208 aircraft operating in icing cond
31 January 2006

The TSB of Canada released Aviation Safety Recommendations following the fatal accident that occurred in Winnipeg, on October 6, 2005 involving a Cessna 208 aircraft. A review of aircraft performance data and the occurrences involving the Cessna 208 aircraft type indicated that it is more significantly affected by atmospheric icing than some other types of Cessna turbopropeller aircraft certified for flight into known icing conditions. A review has led the TSB to recommend that the DoT take action to restrict the dispatch of Canadian Cessna 208 series aircraft into forecast icing meteorological conditions exceeding `light,` and prohibit the continued operation in these conditions, until the airworthiness of the aircraft to operate in such conditions is demonstrated. TSB also recommends that the DoT and the FAA require that Cessna 208 operators maintain a minimum operating airspeed of 120 knots during icing conditions and exit icing conditions as soon as performance degradations prevent the aircraft from maintaining 120 knots. (TSB)