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Rest schedules and weather minima cited in B737 off-runway landing incident
21 June 2005

The TSB of Canada released its final report into the First Air Boeing 737 aircraft that landed beside the runway at Edmonton International Airport on February 25, 2004. The investigation found that, with deteriorating visibility and with only runway edge lighting for guidance, the pilot was unable to land on the runway. The TSB identified three important safety risks associated with this incident. First, Canadian regulations, which set minimum visibilities for approaches, may be deficient under certain weather conditions. In this case, the runway lighting available was inadequate for the conditions at the time of the incident. As well, the aircraft was not on the preferred autopilot mode for the approach. Finally, both Canadian regulations and the company’s operations manual provide insufficient guidelines on rest and restorative sleep schedules for crews when switching from night flying to day flying or vice versa. (TSB)