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Plane lands on closed runway at Tokyo-Haneda
1 May 2005

A Japan Airlines plane carrying 51 passengers landed on a runway that had been closed for repairs at Tokyo-Haneda Airport on April 29 because air traffic controllers forgot about the closure. JAL Flight 1158 from Obihiro landed at 21:40. Two minutes later, another JAL airplane from Sapporo was preparing to land on the same runway, but was redirected when air traffic controllers realized the runway was closed. The runway was closed three days a week between 21:30 and 07:00 for repair work to runway marker lights. There were no work vehicles on the runway when JAL Flight 1158 landed because the work was scheduled to start at 23:00. Both JAL captains had knew that the runway would be closed and queried the landing instructions four times, but air traffic control gave incorrect advice each time. (The Yomiuri Shimbun)