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9 June 2021

Cessna 680 landed gear-up after crew silenced cockpit alarms

9 June 2021

A Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign landed gear up at a private airport in Argentina after the pilots had silenced the alarms, according to a newly released report.

Dutch Safety Board warns return to service of aircraft from COVID-19 storage

3 June 2021

The Dutch Safety Board has issued an interim warning for airlines that put their aircraft back into service after they were temporarily taken out of service.

Cessna 501 Citation I/SP crashed into lake after takeoff from Smyrna Airport, USA

30 May 2021

A Cessna 501 Citation I/SP (N66BK) crashed into Percy Priest Lake, shortly after takeoff from Smyrna Airport, Tennessee (MQY), reportedly killing all seven on board.

Boeing to Pay at Least $17 Million to Settle Enforcement Cases on 737

28 May 2021

Boeing will pay at least $17 million in penalties for safety lapses and undertake corrective actions with its production under a settlement agreement with the FAA

Citation Mustang takeoff from runway shoulder at Kiev investigated

28 May 2021

Ukraine is investigating a serious incident in which a Cessna 510 Citation Mustang took off from the runway shoulder at Kyiv International Airport, damaging edge lights

Learjet 31A performed roll on descent to Faro, Portugal

27 May 2021

In December 2018 the pilot of a German Learjet 31A performed an illegal aerobatics manoeuvre (roll) during descent towards Faro, Portugal, according to a preliminary report.

Pilot uncontactable for 40 minutes fell asleep due to fatigue exacerbated by mild hypoxia

27 May 2021

A pilot of a Cessna 208B who overflew the destination and was unresponsive to ATC calls for 40 minutes had fallen asleep due to fatigue likely exacerbated by mild hypoxia from the intermittent use of supplemental oxygen, a new ATSB investigation found.

Low visibility, blowing snow factors in King Air runway excursion in Canada

26 May 2021

In its investigation report, TSB Canada identified the recurring issue of approaches continued in low visibility environments as a contributing factor a Beech King Air runway excursion.

FAA downgrades Mexico safety rating

25 May 2021

The U.S. FAA announced that Mexico does not meet ICAO safety standards. Based on a reassessment of Mexico’s civil aviation authority, the FAA has downgraded Mexico’s rating to Category 2 from Category 1.

Tailwind landing factor in Boeing 737-800 runway excursion, Canada

22 May 2021

In its newly released investigation report TSB Canada found that changing runways without recalculating the landing distance required based on the changes in wind and runway surface conditions, led to a runway overrun in Halifax, Canada, in 2020.