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6 November 2022

Precision Air ATR 42-500 crashes in Lake Victoria, 19 dead

6 November 2022

Precision Air flight 494, an ATR 42-500, came down in Lake Victoria near Bukoba Airport, Tanzania, while on final approach to runway 31. Nineteen occupants died in the accident.

Report: Inadvertent Boeing 787-8 nose landing gear retraction whilst parked, London Heathrow Airport

3 November 2022

During preparation for a cargo flight at Heathrow Airport, the nose of a Boeing 787-8 struck the ground when the nosegear was being recycled during maintentance activities. The NLG downlock pin had been inadvertently inserted in the wrong hole.

Propeller malfunction led to 2020 runway excursion of ATR 42 in Canada

2 November 2022

A propeller malfunction led to a 2020 runway excursion of an ATR 42 in Canada, according to a newly released investigation report. The propeller entered a pitch-lock condition, causing an asymmetric thrust state when reverse thrust was selected after touchdown. Directional control was lost and the aircraft veered off the runway.

Report: Cessna 208 struck the ground in whiteout conditions, Canada

13 October 2022

A Bamaji Air Cessna 208 Caravan I, impacted the frozen surface of a lake near Sioux Lookout Airport in Canada after it encountered whiteout conditions, according to a newly released TSB report.

FAA Upgrades Malaysia’s Safety Assessment Rating

9 October 2022

The FAA announced that Malaysia has achieved an International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Category 1 rating, and is in compliance with ICAO standards.

Report: Late takeoff due to incorrect thrust setting, Kuusamo Airport, Finland

8 October 2022

A startled pilot of a Boeing 737-800 forgot to select TOGA for takeoff after the aircraft moved during run-up prior to takeoff from Kuusamo, Finland, according to a newly released AAIB report.

Cessna Citation continues past destination, crashes in Baltic Sea

4 September 2022

A Cessna 551 Citation II(SP), OE-FGR, was destroyed when it crashed into the Baltic Sea while enroute from Spain to Germany. The aircraft continued past the destination until it crashed.

NTSB: CV-440 in fatal 2019 crash stalled on approach to Toledo

3 September 2022

A fatigued crew allowed a Convair CV-440 to stall on final approach to Toledo-Express Airport in September 2019, according to a newly released NTSB report. Both crew were killed in the crash.

Angara Airlines An-24 damaged in botched landing

17 August 2022

An Angara Airlines Antonov An-24B (RA-47848) sustained serious damage to the left-hand wing and nose gear in an accident while landing at Ust-Kut Airport, Russia.

Continuation bias factor in Boeing 737-700 runway excursion at Burbank Airport

29 July 2022

Continuation bias was a factor in a December 2018 runway excursion incident of a Boeing 737-700 at Burbank Airport, according to re recently released NTSB report.