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23 July 2016

EASA adresses fire risks of lithium batteries on Portable Electronic Devices belonging to airlines

Lithium battery fire on a laptop (CAA) 23 July 2016

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is concerned about the risks associated with the broad use by aircraft operators of portable equipment devices (PEDs), such as portable wireless network providers, containing lithium batteries that exceed ICAO limits.

EASA publishes updated guidance on minimum cockpit occupancy after Germanwings 9525

A320 cockpit door lock 22 July 2016

EASA is offering airlines and regulators more guidance to assess the safety and security risks associated with a flight crew member remaining alone on the flight deck.

Report: Hydraulic fluid mist and protective breathing equipment fire in A330 cabin

22 July 2016

An Airbus A330 was evacuated at Karachi Airport after the cabin filled with a hydraulic fluid mist and when a cabin crew member’s smoke hood caught fire, according to an investigation by the UAE GCAA.

U.S. adopts new standards to assess runway conditions during inclement weather

The Southwest 737 runway excursion accident at Chicago-Midway in 2005 (NTSB) 19 July 2016

In order to reduce the risk of runway overrun accidents and incidents due to runway contamination caused by weather and other factors, the U.S. aviation community will start using new standards to assesses runway conditions during inclement weather.

FAA bans U.S. airlines from using Turkish airspace following failed coup

Istanbul and Ankara FIRs 16 July 2016

The U.S. FAA decided to ban all of U.S. airlines and pilots from using Turkish airpace following the failed coup in the country.

NATO and Russia in talks on air safety in Baltic region

Tu-95 Bear over the North Sea, intercepted by RAF Typhoon jet (photo: MoD, Crown Copyright Unit) 14 July 2016

During meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, participants a.o. discussed air safety issues in the Baltic region. Russian military aircraft flying in the area have previously caused concerns for the safety of civil air traffic in the area.

Chile issues report on Airbus A319 loss of engine cowlings incident

CC-AIC after landing 13 July 2016

The Chile DGCA concluded their investigation into an incident involving the loss of both engine cowlings on the engine of an Airbus A320.

Report: Loss of situation awareness causes A330 takeoff on runway edge

12 July 2016

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority concluded that a loss of situation awareness by the crew caused an Etihad flight to initiate takeoff while aligned with the runway edge. The root cause of the loss of situation awareness was not determined.

ICAO amends procedures relating to international conflict zone repository

Conflict Zone Information Repository 10 July 2016

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) amended the Conflict Zone Information Repository (CZIR) procedures following a scheduled one-year review of the CZIR.

ATSB issues final report on Boeing 747 collision with aerobridge at Melbourne

8 July 2016

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) issued it’s final report on a aerobridge collision incident involving a Boeing 747-400 at Melbourne.