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1 March 2021

Beech King Air 350 crashes into residential area in Ji’an County, China

1 March 2021

A Beechcraft B300 King Air 350 (B-10GD) on a cloud seeding flight, crashed into a residential area in Ji’an County, China.

ALIANSA Douglas DC-3C damaged in accident at Monfort, Colombia

1 March 2021

An ALIANSA Colombia Douglas DC-3C sustained serious damage in an accident at Monfort Airport, Colombia. The three crew members were not injured.

FAA extends security warnings for Kenya and Mali airspaces

27 February 2021

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued two new Notams, extending the security warnings for the Kenya and Mali airspaces by another year.

Report: A320 touched down partially outside runway in heavy rainfall at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

26 February 2021

Poor CRM was a factor when an Airbus A320 touched down partially outside the runway while landing in heavy rainfall at Rio de Janeiro/Galeão Airport, Brazil, in March 2019, according to the newly released final report.

Antonov An-2 force landed near Boraldai, Kazakhstan

26 February 2021

An Asia Continental Airlines Antonov An-2 force landed near Boraldai, Kazakhstan.

FAA requires engine inspections after UA328 incident

24 February 2021

The FAA requires inspections of 1st-stage low-pressure compressor blades on certain PW4000 model engines, following the UA328 incident.

United Airlines Boeing 777-222 suffers uncontained engine failure after takeoff Denver, Colorado

21 February 2021

United Airlines UA328, a Boeing 777-222 (N772UA) suffered an engine failure after takeoff from Denver, Colorado, USA.
The aircraft safely landed back at Denver.

Longtail Aviation B747-400F sheds engine parts after takeoff from Maastricht Airport, the Netherlands

20 February 2021

A Longtail Aviation Boeing 747-400F suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff from Maastricht Airport, the Netherlands. Engine parts were shed over a residential area, 2 km from the runway end.

Report: Hydraulic leak caused A320 runway excursion on landing, Bulgaria

18 February 2021

A hydraulic leak on final approach to Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria, caused an Airbus A320 to suffer a runway excursion on landing according to the just released final report.

Early power reduction caused C-130J hard landing at Ramstein Air Base

17 February 2021

An early power reduction on final approach to Ramstein Air Base caused a C-130J Super Hercules to touch down hard, resulting in serious damage.