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1 September 2014

Poor manual flying during unstabilized approach causes Lion Air 737 crash at Bali

The Boeing 737-800 during evacuation (NTSC) 1 September 2014

An April 2013 accident involving a Lion Air Boeing 737-800 was caused by poor manual flying during an unstabilized approach to Bali Airport. The airplane struck the water short of the runway.

List of aircraft damaged during fighting at Tripoli Airport, Libya

Satellite image of Tripoli Airport platform 25 July 2014 with aircraft location and damage 31 August 2014

In July 2014 fighting broke out in the area of Tripoli International Airport, Libya. Anti-government and pro-government militias were engaged in fighting using among others anti-aircraft guns and rocket propelled grenades.

Report: CL-415 water bomber loss of control crash in Canada due to overloading

The CL-415 after recovery from the lake (TSB) 28 August 2014

A CL-415 amphibious aircraft scooped up too much water for a fire fighting flight and crashed on takeoff from a lake in Canada, according to a TSB report.

ICAO task force sets out immediate actions responding to conflict zone risks

27 August 2014

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) led Task Force on Risks to Civil Aviation arising from Conflict Zones (TF RCZ), has established two immediate projects to mitigate conflict zone risks in civilian airspace.

Fan blade failure on Airbus A330 engine results in engine fire and emergency landing at Singapore

Right side of No.2 engine after landing (AAIB Singapore) 27 August 2014

A fan blade failure on a Rolls Royce Trent 700 engine resulted in an engine fire and emergency landing at Singapore Airport in May 2011, according to an investigation report published by the Air Accident investigation Bureau of Singapore.

NTSB revokes party status of UPS Airlines and pilots union IPA for violating agreements

UPS Flight 1354 (photo: NTSB) 25 August 2014

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB has revoked the party status of both the Independent Pilots Association and UPS Airlines from its ongoing investigation of UPS Flight 1354, an A300-600 air cargo flight that crashed on approach to Birmingham, Alabama, last August.

Portugal disagrees with Brazil incident classification and starts own investigation into TAP A330 runway excursion

CS-TOJ bogged down next to the runway. 24 August 2014

The Brazilian aircraft accident investigation agency, CENIPA, decided that a recent runway excursion during of a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330 was not a serious incident and decided not to conduct an investigation. The Portuguese counterpart GPIAA disagreed and decided to conduct an investigation.

Nepal limits AOC’s of three airlines over safety issues

File photo of a Sita Air Dornier 228 (photo: calflier001 / CC:by-sa) 20 August 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has limited the Air Operators Certificates (AOC) of several airlines for violating safety regulations.

iPhone catches fire on Czech passenger plane at Tel Aviv

19 August 2014

Passengers on a Czech passenger plane at Tel Aviv Airport, Israel, had to quicky deplane after the iPhone of one of the passengers suddenly caught fire during the boarding process.

Chinese 737′s landing delayed due to sleeping air traffic controllers

19 August 2014

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft was forced to delay its landing at Wuhan, China after two air traffic controllers nodded of, according to an official report.