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28 November 2014

Report: crew in fatal Bahamas Learjet accident descended visually in instrument weather

Freeport ILS Z Runway 06 approach 28 November 2014

The Air Accident Investigation & Prevention Unit (AAIPU) of the Bahamas published a preliminary report on the fatal Learjet accident near Freeport, Bahamas on November 9, suggesting the crew descended visually in instrument conditions until the jet impacted a crane and crashed.

Report: Overreliance on autoflight system causes Japanese Saab 340 crew to descend to 90 feet during go-around

Saab 340B JA03HC (Photo: Kentaro Iemoto / CC:by-sa) 27 November 2014

The Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) released their investigation report into a serious incident in which a Saab 340B had descended to 90 feet during a go around procedure. The flight crew probably excessively relied on the autoflight system, according to the JTSB.

FAA reports show rise in airprox events with drones

Typical small drone with camera (photo: Don McCullough / CC:by) 26 November 2014

An FAA report obtained by the Washington Post shows a recent rise in the number of airprox events involving drones.

Germany investigates serious ground collision incident between A320 and airport vehicle

Taxi route of the Airbus (BFU) 16 November 2014

The German accident investigation agency BFU released a preliminary report on a ground collision incident at Frankfurt Airport involving an Airbus A320 and a vehicle. On August 26, 2014, and Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 landed at Franfurt Airport, Germany at 21:50 hours on runway 07L. The airplane,  flight OS127, arrived from Vienna, Austria with 165 passengers and […]

Korean authorities propose 45-day suspension on San Francisco route for Asiana Airlines over crash

The Boeing 777 as it came to rest (NTSB) 15 November 2014

A South Korean government committee ordered Asiana Airlines to suspend its services to San Francisco for 45 days as punishment for the fatal July 2013 accident at SFO.

ATSB: increase in control issue occurrences in Australia

Control issues per 100,000 flights (ATSB) 14 November 2014

The Australian Transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB) published it’s first report of safety trends in Australian aviation.

Germany investigates cargo smoke incident on ATR-72

Signs of heat damage on the contents of the bag (BFU) 13 November 2014

The German accident investigation agency BFU released a preliminary report on their investigation of a cargo smoke incident on an ATR-72 passenger flight.

Report: engine imbalance causes fire on Airbus A330’s Trent 700 engine

Nr. 2 engine damage (AAIB Singapore) 12 November 2014

An engine imbalance caused a fire on an Airbus A330 with subsequent emergency landing at Singapore-Changi Airport, according to an investigation report issued by AAIB Singapore.

Dutch Safety Board commissions the recovery of MH17 wreckage

Wreckage of flight MH17 near Hrabove, Ukraine (photo: Jeroen Akkermans; CC:by-sa) 6 November 2014

The Dutch Safety Board has commissioned the recovery and transportation to the Netherlands of wreckage from flight MH17, according to a statement. As part of the investigation into the cause and progress of the crash, the Dutch Safety Board intends to reconstruct a section of the aircraft. The Board says that “agreements have been made […]

Report: Climb without clearance causes serious airprox incident in Swiss airspace

Radar plot of the airprox incident (SUST) 6 November 2014

The Swiss Accident Investigation Board released the report of their investigation into a serious incident in which a Boeing 737-800 dangerously converged with an Airbus A319 in Swiss airspace because the 737 initiated a climb without clearance.