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12 February 2016

Incident report: Metro III pilot almost lost situational awareness during night time departure

12 February 2016

The pilot of an Australian Metro III cargo plane had difficulty maintaining situational awareness when his horizon and attitude indicators didn’t display correct information during a night time departure, according to an ATSB investigation.

FAA urges airlines to assess lithium battery risks

A DC-8 cargo fire in 2006 was likely caused by lithium batteries 9 February 2016

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a safety alert to U.S. and foreign commercial passenger and cargo airlines, urging them to conduct a safety risk assessment to manage the risks associated with transporting lithium batteries as cargo.

Failure to follow procedures factor in collision between de-icing truck and Boeing 737-800

31 January 2016

Failure to follow procedures by the driver of a de-icing vehicle caused a taxiway collision with a Boeing 737-800 at Stavanger, Norway, according to an investigation.

Report: Intentional descent below MDA in thunderstorm causes ATR-72 CFIT accident in Taiwan

Approach profile of flight GE222 (ASC) 29 January 2016

An intentional descent below MDA during an approach in a thunderstorm caused the crash of an ATR-72 in Taiwan, the ASC investigation report shows.

Report: Indonesian DHC-6 Twin Otter hits mountain while VFR in clouds

The Twin Otter impacted trees before it hit the top of the mountain (NTSC) 22 January 2016

A preliminary report by the Indonesian NTSC says a DHC-6 Twin Otter that crashed on the island of South Sulawesi was flying VFR in clouds when it impacted a mountain.

Report: Late touchdown causes runway excursion accident of DHC-6 Twin Otter in Canada

The occurrence aircraft, after coming to rest beside the taxiway  (TSB) 21 January 2016

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) identified several factors which led to a late touchdown and runway excursion accident in September 2014 in La Tabatière, Quebec.

Report: A320 long takeoff with wrong thrust setting during an intersection departure

Annotated EGGW Aerodrome Chart 17 January 2016

An Airbus A320 departed with a wrong thrust setting during an intersection takeoff from Luton Airport, U.K. and became airborne with 180 m of runway remaining according to an AAIB report.

Malfunctioning landing gear system led to Beech King Air gear-up landing in Canada

The King Air came to rest off the runway (TSB) 14 January 2016

In its investigation the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that a malfunctioning landing gear system led to the September 2014 landing accident of a Beech King Air at Timmins Airport, Canada. The aircraft was substantially damaged but there was no post-impact fire, and no injuries to the occupants.

Audit: Enhanced FAA oversight could reduce flight deck automation hazards

FAA logo 13 January 2016

The U.S. Office of Inspector General completed an audit on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) oversight of the use of flight deck automation by air carrier pilots, concluding that enhanced oversight could reduce hazards associated with increased use of flight deck automation.

Inadequate flight and training operations factor in Dornier 228 gear-up landing

B-55565 following the gear-up landing (ASC) 13 January 2016

The Aviation Safety Council (ASC) Taiwan released it’s final report on the investigation of a Daily Air Dornier 228 gear-up landing at Taitung Airport.