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31 July 2015

Two aircraft hit lights in closed runway section confusion at Iqaluit Airport, Canada

Google Earth view of CYFB runway 16 (designation 17 on photo was changed to 16 in 2014) 31 July 2015

Two Canadian Boeing 737-200 jets impacted temporary lights on a closed section of the runway at Iqaluit Airport, Canada, according to incident information  released by Transport Canada. On July 20 runway resurfacing works were started at the Iqaluit Airport (CYFB) during which the western half of the runway (100 ft of the 200 ft wide runway) was closed […]

Aircraft debris of Boeing 777 found on La Réunion, linked to #MH370

29 July 2015

On the shore of St. André, on the northwestern part of the French island of La Réunion, a large piece of wreckage was found that likely belonged to an aircraft.

EASA advises airlines to monitor flights and manage risk in ITCZ to prevent loss of control

ITCZ between over the Atlantic on 20 August 2010 (NOAA) 29 July 2015

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) advises airlines to apply flight monitoring en risk management strategies regarding operations in the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) to prevent loss of control accidents.

NTSB: Unstabilized approach preceded Boeing 737 hard landing at LaGuardia

The B737-700 as it came to rest (NTSB) 23 July 2015

The NTSB determined that the captain’s failed attempt to recover from an unstabilized approach by transferring airplane control at low altitude instead of performing a go-around, caused a hard landing of a Boeing 737 at New York-LaGuardia International Airport (LGA).

Audit: FAA has not effectively implemented repair station oversight in the European Union

20 July 2015

The Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation conducted an audit into the FAA’s oversight of E.U. repair stations.

EASA Task Force on Germanwings crash calls for better checks on crew members

17 July 2015

The EASA-led Task Force on the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 submitted their report to the European Commission, primarily calling for better checks on crew members.

Non-standard phraseology contributed to risk of collision at Ottawa

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport layout (Google/TSB) 15 July 2015

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released its investigation report into the June 2014 runway incursion and risk of collision at the Ottawa International Airport between a medevac helicopter and an A300 cargo plane.

NTSB finds damage from inadequately secured cargo caused Boeing 747 crash in Bagram, Afghanistan

An MRAP vehicle being loaded on the accident flight 29 April 2013 14 July 2015

The National Transportation Safety Board found that a National Airlines Boeing 747 freighter crashed on takeoff from Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan, because the five large military vehicles it was carrying were inadequately restrained. This led to at least one vehicle moving rearward, crippling key hydraulic systems and damaging the horizontal stabilizer components, which rendered the airplane uncontrollable. All seven crewmembers were killed in the April 29, 2013 crash.

Serious incident report: ATR-72 approaches wrong runway at Tel Aviv

Final approach path (MoT) 12 July 2015

The Israeli Ministry of Transport published the final report of their investigation into a serious incident at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport when an ATR-72 approached the wrong runway.

Crew’s loss of situational awareness during taxi causes B747-400 to impact building, Johannesburg

Damage to the wing  (CAA) 12 July 2015

The South African CAA concluded that a loss of situational awareness caused the crew of a Boeing 747-400 to taxi on the wrong path until the airplane’s right hand wing impacted a building. On December 22, 2013, the Boeing 747-436 operating British Airways Flight BA34 to London-Heathrow sustained substantial damage in a taxi accident at Johannesburg-O.R. Tambo […]