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6 March 2015

Pilot-rated-passenger likely caused dual engine flameout in fatal Premier I jet accident

Wreckage of N26DK 6 March 2015

The actions of a pilot-rated-passenger likely caused a dual engine flame-out of a Premier I business jet, according to factual information released by the NTSB.

Incident report: NZ Air Force Boeing 757 makes below minima landing at Antarctica base

Visibility an hour after landing (RNZAF) 3 March 2015

A TAIC incident report reveals that a Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757 had to carry out a landing on a runway in Antarctica below published minima weather conditions because it had already passed the point of no return and the destination runway at Pegasus Field was the only suitable runway in the area.

Report: Saab 2000 altitude deviations when pilot ‘fights’ autopilot after aborted approach

3 March 2015

An AAIB report shows a Saab 2000 passenger plane suffered altitude deviations when the pilot attempted to climb using the flight controls while the autopilot was still engaged in altitude tracking mode. The aircraft had just been struck by lightning during an aborted approach.

Report: Airbus A310 tailstrike accident following bounced tailwind landing

A SATA Internacional Airbus A310-300 (Photo: Luc Verkuringen) 2 March 2015

An inadequate recovery handling of a bounced firm landing caused a tailstrike of an Airbus A310, according to a Portuguese investigation report.

Crew in fatal Bahamas Learjet crash deliberately descended below minimum altitude during approach

Freeport Instrument Approach Chart Rwy 06, overlaid on Google Earth (AAIPU) 1 March 2015

The Bahamas Air Accident Investigation & Prevention Unit (AAIPU) concluded that the crew of Learjet 35A deliberately descended below the published minimum altitude during the approach to Freeport until the airplane struck a crane and crashed.

FAA details security threats in airspace over Iraq

The Baghdad FIR roughly follows the Iraqi border 28 February 2015

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued background information on the threats to air traffic in the Baghdad Flight Information Region (FIR).

FAA issues updated Notam to avoid Mali airspace below FL260

NotamMali 27 February 2015

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Notam, advising to avoid flights in Mali airspace below FL260 due to insurgent activities.

Report: Serious incident in Australia involving flight crew incapacitation due to hypoxia

Oxygen port beneath pilot's armrest (ATSB) 26 February 2015

An ATSB investigation into a serious incident involving hypoxia in Australia, highlighted the importance of careful attention to aircraft oxygen systems. On August 1, 2014, a Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II aircraft, registered VH-EYQ, departed Emerald, Queensland, on an aerial survey task with a pilot and navigator on board. The aircraft was fitted with an oxygen […]

Report: Aircraft on ground disturbs glideslope signal, causes go around of approaching A320

Hamburg Airport map with critical zone (BEA) 25 February 2015

An investigation by the French BEA revealed that the crew of an Air France Airbus A320 had to go around when erroneous glideslope information was presented on their instruments. This was caused by an aircraft on the ground. The serious incident happened at Hamburg, Germany on March 28, 2012. The Airbus A320 operated a passenger service, flight AF2510, […]

Russia revokes AOC of RusJet Aircompany over safety issues

File photo of a RusJet Yak-42 (Pavel Adzhigildaev / CC:by-sa) 19 February 2015

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsiya, reported that the Air Operator Certificates of RusJet Aircompany has been revoked due to safety issues.