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27 March 2015

EASA recommends minimum two crew in the cockpit

EASA 27 March 2015

EASA published a temporary recommendation for airlines to ensure that at least two crew, including at least one qualified pilot, are in the flight crew compartment at all times of the flight.

FAA prohibits U.S. airlines from flying over Yemen

Sanaa (OYSC) FIR 27 March 2015

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) restricting U.S. operators from flying in the Sanaa Flight Information Region, which includes all of Yemen. This replaces a previous NOTAM that advised U.S. operators to “use extreme caution” in the area.  

List of aircraft accidents and incidents intentionally caused by pilots

26 March 2015

On March 24, 2015, Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashed in France, supposedly following intentional actions by the copilot. All 150 passengers and crew were killed. The following is a list of airliner accidents and incidents assumed or rumored to have been caused by the a deliberate action of a pilot, compiled from the Aviation Safety Network files. General aviation aircraft are […]

Report: Airbus A321 uncommanded descent incident over Spain due to frozen AOA sensors

Flight route of LH1829 ( 25 March 2015

According to a preliminary report issued by the German BFU, an Airbus A321-200, operarting a flight from Bilbao, Spain to Munich, Germany, was involved in a serious incident when the airplane entered an uncommanded descent from FL310. The crew regained control at FL270.

Report: Wedged camera at sidestick causes Airbus A330 loss of altitude incident

Side stick on the A330 (left hand seat) (Photo: YouTube video) 23 March 2015

A Royal Air Force (RAF) Airbus KC2 Voyager lost 4400 feet when a digital camera became wedged near the captain’s sidestick, a preliminary report into the incident revealed. On February 9, 2014 an RAF Airbus A330, modified as a Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), departed RAF Brize Norton on a transport flight to Camp Bastion Air Base in Afghanistan. […]

Qantas, Jetstar ban lithium ion battery shipments as cargo

Lithium battery fire on a laptop (CAA) 19 March 2015

According to Australian news reports, lithium ion batteries will no longer be able to be sent as cargo on board Qantas and Jetstar aircraft.

ATSB report finds flight crew confused coal storage facility for Newcastle Airport during night time approach

Flight path of the aircraft (ATSB) 13 March 2015

The crew of a Saab 340 mistook a coal storage facility at Newcastle City, Australia, for the runway during a visual night time approach to Williamtown, an ATSB report shows.

Malaysia issues MH370 factual report

Initial route flown based on radar data (MH370 Factual report) 8 March 2015

The Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370 issued a factual report, exactly one year after the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing.

Pilot-rated-passenger likely caused dual engine flameout in fatal Premier I jet accident

Wreckage of N26DK 6 March 2015

The actions of a pilot-rated-passenger likely caused a dual engine flame-out of a Premier I business jet, according to factual information released by the NTSB.

Incident report: NZ Air Force Boeing 757 makes below minima landing at Antarctica base

Visibility an hour after landing (RNZAF) 3 March 2015

A TAIC incident report reveals that a Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757 had to carry out a landing on a runway in Antarctica below published minima weather conditions because it had already passed the point of no return and the destination runway at Pegasus Field was the only suitable runway in the area.