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19 December 2014

Report: JAL Boeing 777-200 tailstrike during aborted landing at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

Damage to the fuselage of the Boeing 777 (JTSB) 19 December 2014

A Japan Air Lines Boeing 777-200 suffered a tailstrike during an aborted landing Tokyo-Haneda International Airport, Japan, according to a report released by the Japan Transport Safety Board.

EU bans all airlines from Libya over safety fears

Afriqiyah Airways is one of the airlines added to the EU list. (photo: H.Ranter/ASN) 17 December 2014

The European Commission has updated the European list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union (EU air safety list). All airlines from Libya have now been added to the list.

Report: Fokker 50 runway excursion when tired crew lands outside crosswind limits

The Fokker 50 came to rest off the side of the runway (photo: Swedish Accident Investigation Authority) 16 December 2014

A Swedish Fokker 50 cargo plane suffered a serious runway excursion incident upon landing at Malmö Airport, Sweden when the tired crew carried out a landing under conditions that exceeded the operator’s crosswind limitations for the aircraft. This was concluded by the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority in their investigation.

Canada issues emergency AD requiring inspection of flap fasteners on Challenger jets

File photo of a Challenger 601 (H.Ranter/ASN) 15 December 2014

Transport Canada issued an emergency airworthiness directive (AD), requiring operators of Canadair Challenger 600, 601, 601-3A/3R aircraft to inspect inboard flap fasteners.

Russian military aircraft in airprox event with passenger plane near Sweden

Flight SK1755 to Poznan (Flightradar24) 13 December 2014

Swedish authorities reported that they a civilian airliner came close to a Russian aircraft that was flying in the area to the south of Sweden without using transponder.

Ukraine closes three airports for security reasons

13 December 2014

Ukraine’s State Aviation Service has banned all flights to Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia in eastern Ukraine due to security concerns.

Helicopter drone came within 20 feet of A320 approaching London-Heathrow

Flight BA905 on final approach to Heathrow on the incident date ( 12 December 2014

A U.K. Airprox Board (UKAB) report details a near-miss incident in which a helicopter drone came within 20 feet (6 meters) of an Airbus A320 that was on final approach to London-Heathrow Airport.

Report: Touchdown with higher than idle thrust causes Boeing 737-800 bounce and tailstrike at London-Stansted

File photo of a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 (photo: ASN) 11 December 2014

The U.K. AAIB released a correspondance investigation report on a Boeing 737-800 tailstrike accident at London-Stansted, UK. On July 29, 2014 the Boeing 737-8AS, operating flight FR2369 from Ostrava, Czech Republic to London-Stansted, UK, sustained damage in a tailstrike on landing on runway 04. There were no injuries among the 171 passengers and six crew members. […]

Report: serious near-miss incident between Fokker 100 and helicopter despite mutual visual contact

Flight path of the aircraft involved according to radar data (SUST) 11 December 2014

A Fokker 100 jetliner of Helvetic Airways and a Swiss rescue helicopter were involved in an airprox incident in the Bern Airport Control Zone, Switzerland, according to a Swiss Accident Investigation Board report.

EASA publishes Emergency AD following control issues on A321 with blocked angle of attack probes

File photo of AOA probes on an Airbus A330 (photo: ATSB) 10 December 2014

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive for several Airbus models, detailing emergency procedures in the case of undue activation of Alpha Protection. An occurrence was reported where an Airbus A321 encountered a blockage of two Angle Of Attack (AOA) probes during climb, leading to activation of the Alpha Protection (Alpha […]