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24 September 2018

Rudder trim caused Beech 200 King Air loss of control accident on takeoff, Melbourne

24 September 2018

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) final report into the loss of control and collision with terrain involving a Beechcraft B200 King Air, highlights the importance of following a cockpit checklist.

Report: Crew lacked knowledge of cabin pressure system in serious pressurization incident

23 September 2018

A flight crew’s lack of understanding of the cabin pressure system caused a serious pressurization incident involving a Boeing 737-800 in South Korea, according to the final report.

FAA warns for potential takeoff data errors due to runway number transposition

22 September 2018

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is alerting pilots on the risk of a potential takeoff data error due to runway number transposition.

Report: Tire failure after takeoff caused loss of single hydraulic system on Boeing 737-800

21 September 2018

The tire of a spinning wheel inside the wheel well after takeoff caused the loss of a single hydraulic system on a Boeing 737-800 at Dubai.

Report: Rushed departure caused B737 – A330 wingtip strike incident at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia

21 September 2018

A rushed departure caused the winglet of a Boeing 737-800 to scrape the wing of a stationary Airbus A330 at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia.

Misinterpretation of straight-in approach procedure factor in Do-228 airprox incident in the Netherlands

20 September 2018

A misinterpretation of an ambiguous ‘straight-in approach’ procedure at Lelystad Airport, Netherlands, was a factor in a near collision incident involving a Dornier 228 and a Tecnam P92.

Final report: A320 unreliable airspeed indications due to pitot tube icing

19 September 2018

The JTSB issued their final report on a serious incident involving A320 unreliable airspeed indications due to pitot tube icing en route near Japan.

ATSB: Objective interpretation of runway surface conditions can help reduce the risk of runway excursions

18 September 2018

The ATSB is advising pilots to be conservative when relying on pilot reports for runway surface conditions, in particular, when the conditions are considered damp.

Air Guilin passes IATA safety audit

An An Air Guilin Airbus A319 (photo: Carlyoung / CC:by-sa) 16 September 2018

Air Guilin passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Report: Cirrus Vision SF50 runway excursion in Greenland due to hydraulic brake fluid leak

15 September 2018

A serious runway excursion incident involving a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet in Greenland was caused by a hydraulic brake fluid leak, according to the final report.