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30 June 2020

Report: Boeing 787-9 cleared to wrong de-icing stand at Oslo Airport knocked over light pole

30 June 2020

An Ethiopian Boeing 787-9 knocked over a light pole at Oslo Airport, Norway, in December 2018 after having been cleared to the wrong de-icing stand, according to the newly released AIBN report.

Maintenance and aircraft design factors in Air Astana ERJ-190 loss of control accident, Portugal

27 June 2020

Maintenance and aircraft design were factors in the November 2018 accident of an Air Astana ERJ-190 that suffered severe loss of control issues after takeoff due to aileron cable reversal following maintenance in Lisbon, according to the newly released investigation report.

Preliminary report on PK8303 issued: gear-up landing after unstabilized approach preceded crash

24 June 2020

AAIB Pakistan released the preliminary report into the PK8303 accident at Karachi. The aircraft lost engine power after a go-around following an unstabilized approach and gear-up landing.

Report: Windshear on short final led to Airbus A321 tail strike accident at Charlotte-Douglas Airport

17 June 2020

A newly released NTSB report shows the captain had not followed windshear procedures in an Airbus A321 tail strike accident on short final at Charlotte-Douglas Airport in August 2015.

Dutch Safety Board highlights potential safety risk of intersection takeoffs at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport

16 June 2020

The Dutch Safety Board highlighted the potential safety risk of intersection takeoffs at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport in their review of a serious runway incursion incident of July 2018.

Taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo hits tail of Ural A320 at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia

14 June 2020

A taxiing S7 Airbus A320neo struck the tail of an Ural Airlines A320 that was standing on a turnoff to the runway at St. Petersburg Airport, Russia.

VietJet Airbus A321 suffers runway excursion after landing in a rainstorm at Ho Chi Minh City

14 June 2020

A VietJet Airbus A321-200 came to rest off the side of the runway after suffering a runway excursion when landing in a rainstorm at Ho Chi Minh City-Tan Son Nhat Airport, Vietnam.

NTSB: Fort Lauderdale Boeing 767 fire due to maintenance lapse resulting in fuel leak

10 June 2020

The NTSB concluded that an October 2015 fire on a Boeing 767-200 at Fort Lauderdale Airport resulted from a fuel leak after maintenance personnel had failed to install a safety lockwire on a coupling.

Report: G200 off runway at Moscow after pilot stowed one reverser after landing

4 June 2020

A G200 Galaxy swung off the runway after landing at Moscow in February 2019 after the pilot stowed just one thrust reverser, leaving the other at full reverse, according to a newly released report.

Report: Airbus A319 cockpit window blowout incident due to arcing after water ingress via damaged seal

2 June 2020

The co-pilot of an Airbus A319 was partially sucked out when his windshield failed after continuous arcing following water ingress through a damaged seal, the newly released Chinese report revealed.