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15 November 2018

PAL Airlines DHC-8-300 performs nosegear-up forced landing at Stephenville Airport, Canada

15 November 2018

A PAL Airlines DHC-8-300 performed a nosegear-up forced landing at Stephenville Airport, Canada.

Portugal: roll control failure on Air Astana ERJ-190 possibly due to disturbance in maintenance actions

14 November 2018

GPIAAF Portugal issued an initial report on the Air Astana ERJ-190 loss of control incident, saying maintenance actions could have caused failures in the aircraft roll controls configuration.

Flight control feature of Boeing 737 MAX under scrutiny after Lion Air accident

13 November 2018

The U.S. Allied Pilots Association alerted its members of a new flight control feature of the Boeing 737 MAX models, which may have played a role in the Lion Air flight 610 accident.

CIAIAC Spain: Airbus A320 fan cowl loss incident on takeoff from Bilbao

12 November 2018

Spanish investigators released information on an Airbus A320 fan cowl loss incident, on takeoff from Bilbao.

NTSB: fatal Metroliner crash due loss of control after pilot continued into adverse weather

12 November 2018

The NTSB concluded a fatal Metroliner cargo plane crash in December 2016 was due to the pilot losing control after continuing into adverse weather near Camilla, Georgia, USA.

Metroliner cargo flight turns ugly when loose screwdriver hit propeller during takeoff

11 November 2018

The NTSB published its final report on an accident in which a Metroliner cargo flight returned to land after a loose screwdriver hit a propeller during takeoff, causing damage to prop and fuselage.

Air Astana ERJ-190 divert to Beja, Portugal after 90-minute flight with severe control problems

11 November 2018

An Air Astana Embraer ERJ-190 diverted to Beja, Portugal after a 90-minute post-maintenance flight with severe control problems.

FBI completes investigation into August 2018 crash of stolen DHC-8 near Seattle

9 November 2018

The FBI has completed its investigation of the unauthorized flight of a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft that occurred on August 10, 2018, from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. 

Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 suffers runway excursion after returning to Georgetown Airport, Guyana

9 November 2018

A Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 suffered a runway excursion after returning to land at Georgetown Airport, Guyana.

FAA issues emergency AD regarding potential erroneous AOA input on Boeing 737 MAX

7 November 2018

The U.S. FAA issued a statement on Boeing and upcoming FAA actions in the wake of the recent Lion Air flight 610 Boeing 737 MAX 8 accident, “regarding the potential for erroneous angle of attack input”.