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17 September 2016

FAA issues airline guidance on recalled devices powered by lithium batteries

17 September 2016

Following a Consumer Product Safety Commission recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the U.S. FAA issued general guidance to airlines about the rules for carrying recalled or defective lithium devices on board aircraft as cargo or in carry-on luggage.

Report: Poorly harmonised procedures cause A330 to hit aerobridge at Melbourne

The A330 nose landing gear showing the aircraft’s park brake indicator light (ATSB) 14 September 2016

Poorly harmonised ground and flight crew procedures caused the parking brakes on an Airbus A330 to be released when the chocks were already removed. The aircraft rolled and impacted an aerobridge.

NTSB: Excessive reverse thrust caused Delta MD-88 landing accident at LaGuardia

The MD-88 as it came to rest on the embankment (NTSB) 14 September 2016

The application of excessive reverse thrust during a landing at New York-LaGuardia Airport, March, 5, 2015, led to a loss of directional control and the MD-88’s departure from the snow covered runway, according to findings of the NTSB.

NTSB investigative update of the uncontained engine failure of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

12 September 2016

The NTSB released an investigative update with initial findings in the investigation of the uncontained engine failure of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 on August 27.

FAA warns passengers not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over lithium battery safety issues

Lithium battery fire on a laptop (CAA) 9 September 2016

The U.S. FAA issued a statement not to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 electronic devices on board aircraft over fears about the safety of the device’s lithium battery.

Report: Saab 2000 loss of control when crew tries to override autopilot after lightning strike

FDR readout 8 September 2016

The U.K. AAIB recommends EASA to the autopilot system designs of passenger aircraft following a serious incident involving a Saab 2000 in which the flight crew tried to override the autopilot which the did not realise, was still engaged.

Report: FMS data entry errors cause navigational issues on A330

Planned departure route (green) vs actual route (blue) (Google earth, modified by the ATSB) 7 September 2016

Data entry errors in the FMGS of an Airbus A330 caused navigational issues shortly after takeoff from Sydney Airport, according to an ATSB investigation report.

Report: EK521 impacted runway during attempted go-around after long landing at Dubai

Landing timeline of EK521 7 September 2016

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority issued a preliminary report of their investigation into the accident involving an Emirates Boeing 777-300 at Dubai.

Boeing 767 overflew vehicle on runway at 40 feet in serious incursion incident at Tokushima, Japan

Estimated flight path (JTSB) 4 September 2016

The Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) concluded in their investigation into a serious runway incursion incident that a preoccupied air traffic controller at Tokushima Airport cleared a Boeing 767 to land while an airport vehicle was still on the runway.

Report: ATR-72 aligns with runway edge lights on takeoff from Karup, Denmark

25 August 2016

An ATR 72-202, OY-LHA, sustained minor damage when it rolled over elevated runway edge lights when it attempted to take off while aligned with the runway edge lights along the right-hand side of runway 27L at Karup Airport in Denmark, according to an investigation report by the Danish AIB