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29 March 2017

Peruvian Boeing 737-300 runway excursion accident and fire, Jauja, Peru

29 March 2017

A Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737-300 suffered a runway excursion accident and subsequent fire after landing at Jauja Airport, Peru.

Report: A330 runway excursion in Montreal highlights risks of thunderstorms

28 March 2017

A runway excursion involving an Airbus A330 in Montreal in October 2014 highlights the risks of thunderstorms, according to a TSB report.

NBAA releases 2017 top safety focus areas

27 March 2017

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) released its annual list of Top Safety Focus Areas, topics identified by the NBAA Safety Committee as primary risk-mitigation targets for all business aircraft operators.

Russia releases preliminary report on fatal Boeing 747-400F accident, Bishkek

26 March 2017

MAK released a preliminary report on the fatal MyCargo Boeing 747-400F accident at Bishkek in January.

EASA reviews effectiveness of new flight time limitations

25 March 2017

The European Commission together with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have set up a research study to review the effectiveness of the new flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements applicable since 18 February 2016.

Fatal accident involving Cessna 500 Citation I in Marietta, Georgia, USA

25 March 2017

A Cessna 500 Citation I corporate jet crashed in a residential area of Marietta, Georgia, killing the pilot.

Report: A340 under tow hits RJ100 standing short of stopping line at Copenhagen Airport

23 March 2017

The Danish Accident Investigation Board published their final report on a ground collision between an A340 and an RJ100 at Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.

NTSB cites jammed elevator in Ameristar MD-83 rejected takeoff accident

22 March 2017

Preliminary findings of the NTSB show that an elevator on an Ameristar MD-83 was jammed during takeoff from Detroit-Willow Run Airport, resulting in a rejected takeoff and runway excursion.

FAA extends flight prohibition for Libyan airspace

22 March 2017

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new Notam, extending the flight prohibition for certain U.S. aircraft for the Libyan airspace by another two years.

Antonov 26 burned out after landing accident, Wau, South Sudan

20 March 2017

An Antonov 26 of South Supreme Airlines burned out after a landing accident at Wau, South Sudan.