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19 October 2021

MD-87 caught fire after runway excursion, Houston Executive Airport, TX

19 October 2021

A corporate MD-87 burst into flames after coming to rest in a field following a runway excursion during takeoff from Houston Executive Airport, TX.

Antonov An-2 crashes near Wilton, California, USA

15 October 2021

A U.S.-regsitered Antonov An-2 crashed near Wilton, California, USA and burst into flames, seriously injuring all four occupants.

Report: Startled crew caused loss of altitude during go-around at Paris-Orly Airport

14 October 2021

The crew of an Air Algérie Boeing 737 was forced to go around unexpectedly during the approach to Paris-Orly Airport. The startled crew caused a loss of altitude, according to the newly published BEA report.

Let L-410 skydiving plane crashes near Menzelinsk, Russia, killing 16

10 October 2021

Sixrteen of the 22 occupants on board the DOSAAF Let L-410 skydiving plane died when the aircraft crashed near Menzelinsk Airport, Russia,.
The aircraft was returning to the airport following an engine failure.

Report: Excessive crew fatigue caused fatal An-12 CFIT accident in Ukraine

8 October 2021

The Antonov An-12 that hit the ground on approach to Lviv, was caused by excessive crew fatigue, according to the newly released investigation report.

Crew in Russian An-28 crash had insufficient rest, preliminary report

24 September 2021

The crew in the 16 July An-28 crash in Russia had insufficient rest, according to the newly released preliminary report.

Lack of proficiency due to Covid-19 factor in DHC-6 accident, Maldives

23 September 2021

The captain’s lack of proficiency on DHC-6 float planes was a factor when he lost control on landing at Malé, Maldives.

Report: A320 had to avoid terrain after avoiding helicopter on departure

17 September 2021

An A320 on departure from Kavala, Greece, had to descend to avoid colliding with a helicopter and then had to climb to avoid mountains, according to the newly released investigation report.

Screwdriver tip left in engine during maintenance results in engine failure on take-off

16 August 2021

An engine power loss and rejected take-off incident involving an Airbus A320 at Brisbane Airport occurred after a screwdriver tip was left inside the engine during maintenance.

Controller loss of situational awareness factor in 2017 runway incursion, Hong Kong

15 August 2021

A controller’s loss of situational awareness caused a 2017 runway incursion incident at Hong Kong. The controller was an instructor, who had taken over from a trainee.