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2 May 2016

Report: Avro RJ100 engine fire incident due toe incorrect engine repairs

No.2 engine showing the fire damage to the combustor housing and liner (ATSB) 2 May 2016

Incorrect engine repairs led to an engine failure and in-flight fuel-fed engine fire of a Cobham Avro RJ.100 aircraft in Australia, according to an ATSB investigation.

AOC of SA Express suspended due to safety concerns

One of SA Express' CRJ-200's (photo: Bob Adams / CC:by-sa) 1 May 2016

Following failure to comply with the applicable civil aviation regulations, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has suspended SA Express’ air operator certificate (AOC). The suspension is effective as of Saturday, 30 April 2016.

Fatal Mali MD-83 accident blamed on engine icing and lack of stall recovery

Engine Pressure Ratio values (registered and re-calculated) of the accident flight 23 April 2016

The July 2014 accident involving an MD-83 in the Mali desert was caused by engine icing and the crew’s lack of appropriate repsonse to a stall, according to a report released by the investigation committee from Mali.

FAA orders engine icing fixes for GEnx-powered Boeing 787 Dreamliners

The incident aircraft, JA822J at Vancouver, 18 April 2015 (photo: Eric Salard / CC:by-sa) 23 April 2016

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) to reduce the likelihood of engine damage due to fan ice shedding on certain Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft powered by GEnx-1B engines.

Russian interim report details last moments of flydubai Boeing 737 crash at Rostov

Reconstruction of the aircraft (IAC) 20 April 2016

The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee published an interim report, detailing the progress of their investigation into the cause of the fatal accident involving the flydubai Boeing 737-800 at Rostov Airport on March 19.

ATSB: Two items of debris found on Mozambique coast ‘almost certainly’ belong to MH370

Both parts and the location on the aircraft 19 April 2016

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) concluded that two items of debris found on the Mozambique coast were almost certainly from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the Boeing 777 aircraft, registered 9M-MRO that went missing on March 8, 2014.

IATA publishes Safety Report 2015

Accident per million sectors 19 April 2016

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) published their annual Safety Report, detailing the 2015 safety performance of the commercial airline industry.

Report: Low fuel emergency landing of RJ85 at Belfast

The flight track of flight 1816 (Flightradar24) 15 April 2016

In November 2015 an RJ85 operated by CityJet landed at Belfast with less that the required final reserve fuel remaining. The U.K. AAIB investigated the crew’s decisions that led to the event.

Namibian report says LAM Mozambique Airlines ERJ-190 crash was pilot suicide

The accident aircraft, C9-EMC 15 April 2016

Namibian investigators concluded that the Novemner 2013 accident of a LAM Mozambique Airlines ERJ-190 was caused by intentional actions by the captain.

Report: Boeing 737-800 excursion incident on shortened runway after tailwind landing, Oslo

LN-RCZ at the end of the runway (AIBN) 14 April 2016

A Norwegian investigation into a runway excursion incident of a Boeing 737-800 at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway showed that the airport had not sufficiently assessed the risk of the combination of a shortened runway and poor friction during precipitation.