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20 August 2014

Nepal limits AOC’s of three airlines over safety issues

File photo of a Sita Air Dornier 228 (photo: calflier001 / CC:by-sa) 20 August 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has limited the Air Operators Certificates (AOC) of several airlines for violating safety regulations.

iPhone catches fire on Czech passenger plane at Tel Aviv

19 August 2014

Passengers on a Czech passenger plane at Tel Aviv Airport, Israel, had to quicky deplane after the iPhone of one of the passengers suddenly caught fire during the boarding process.

Chinese 737′s landing delayed due to sleeping air traffic controllers

19 August 2014

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft was forced to delay its landing at Wuhan, China after two air traffic controllers nodded of, according to an official report.

FAA prohibits U.S. airlines from flying over Syria

19 August 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a new Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) restricting U.S. operators from flying in the Damascus Flight Information Region, which includes all of Syria.

Damage from serious storm causes control problems on Boeing 737-800 at Faro Airport

Rudder trailing edge offset from neutral with 15 August 2014

Damage from by a serious storm caused control problems on a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Faro Airport, Portugal, according to an AAIU report.

India investigates serious level bust incident with Boeing 777 descending 5000 feet below cleared altitude

File photo of Jet Airways' VT-JEL (photo: 14 August 2014

The Indian aviation authorities are conducting an investigation of a serious level bust incident in which a Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 descended 5000 feet below the cleared flight level in Turkish airspace.

Serious incident: DHC-8-400 heavy landing when captain’s prosthetic arm detached during flare

File photo of the incident aircraft DHC-8-400 G-JECJ (photo: Ardfern / CC:by-sa) 14 August 2014

A Flybe DHC-8-400 passenger plane suffered a heavy landing when the pilot’s artificial arm became detached while landing the plane at Belfast City Airport, according to an investigation report.

Swiss RJ100 and ultralight involved in serious near miss incident near Nuremberg, Germany

Flight paths of the RJ100 and FK9 (BFU) 10 August 2014

An Avro RJ100 passenger jet and a small ultralight were involved in a serious near miss incident near Nuremberg, Germany, according to a BFU report. The aircraft had a 130 m lateral and 61 m vertical separation.

Report: Hard landing and tailstrike of Canadian DHC-8-300

Damage observed under the fuselage (TSB) 9 August 2014

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) published the final report of their investigation into a hard landing and tailstrike accident of a DHC-8-300 at Gaspé, Canada.

FAA prohibits U.S. airlines from flying over Iraq

Approved ATS routes and Entry/Exit Points for Baghdad FIR (Iraqi CAA) 8 August 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration today issued a new Notice-To-Airmen (NOTAM) restricting US operators from flying in the airspace above Iraq due to the hazardous situation created by the armed conflict. The new NOTAM supersedes previous FAA guidance for this airspace. The NOTAM reads: !FDC 4/1621 ZZZ SECURITY …IRAQ … POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION—IRAQ AIRSPACE DUE TO […]