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17 May 2016

FAA tests FBI drone detection system at New York-JFK Airport

17 May 2016

The U.S. FAA and its government partners are expanding research on ways to detect “rogue” drones around airports that could pose a threat to aircraft.

Report: EFB software anomaly causes incorrect takeoff performance data calculation

EFB  takeoff performance screen (AAIB) 15 May 2016

An EFB software anomaly likely caused incorrect takeoff performance data be calculated by the crew of an easyJet Airbus A319 at Belfast Airport, according to an AAIB report.

PNG Islander plane crash investigation compromised by looters

Accident scene near Kiunga (PNG AIC) 13 May 2016

The Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) released a preliminary report on the fatal accident involving a Turbine Islander near Kiunga. The AIC chief blamed locals for disturbing the accident scene.

ATSB: Debris found in March almost certainly from missing flight MH370

Comparison of MH370 debris (ATSB) 12 May 2016

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) determined that two recently found items of debris were almost certainly from the missing flight MH370.

Boeing 757 inappropriate crew response to unreliable airspeed causes injuries and damage

Damage to service
bay and associated structure (AAIU) 10 May 2016

Turbulence and an inappropriate response to an unreliable airspeed caused 17 minor injuries and the loss of the centre hydraulic system on a Boeing 757 over Ireland, according to the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU).

FAA to test drone sensor detection systems around airports

9 May 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that it signed three companies in an effort do develop a system to detect illegal operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flying too close to airports.

Wasp nest blocks A330 pitot tube: emergency landing at Brisbane

Captain's pitot probe on an A330 (ATSB) 6 May 2016

An Etihad Airbus A330 suffered an airspeed discrepancy during takeoff from Brisbane, Australia due to obstruction of the pitot tube by an insect nest, an ATSB investigation revealed.

EASA task force to study risk of collision between drones and aircraft

EASA 4 May 2016

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced the creation of a task force to assess the risk of collision between drones and aircraft.

Report: Avro RJ100 engine fire incident due toe incorrect engine repairs

No.2 engine showing the fire damage to the combustor housing and liner (ATSB) 2 May 2016

Incorrect engine repairs led to an engine failure and in-flight fuel-fed engine fire of a Cobham Avro RJ.100 aircraft in Australia, according to an ATSB investigation.

AOC of SA Express suspended due to safety concerns

One of SA Express' CRJ-200's (photo: Bob Adams / CC:by-sa) 1 May 2016

Following failure to comply with the applicable civil aviation regulations, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has suspended SA Express’ air operator certificate (AOC). The suspension is effective as of Saturday, 30 April 2016.