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8 December 2016

EU adds Iran Aseman Airlines to black list; removes airlines from Kazakhstan

File photo of an ATR-72 operated by Iran Aseman (photo: / CC:by-sa) 8 December 2016

The European Commission updated the EU Air Safety List, removing all air carriers from Kazakhstan and adding Iran Aseman Airlines.

CAA U.K. warns: electronic devices in seat mechanism pose fire hazard

8 December 2016

The U.K. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a Safety Alert, warning for the fire hazard that electronic devices pose when stuck in aircraft seats.

Lack of Portuguese regulations cited in Boeing 737-800 laser illumination incident

7 December 2016

The investigation of a laser illumination incident inolving a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 over Porto, Portugal, showed that, in Portugal it is not an offence to shine a laser light or similar at an aircraft.

Audit says FAA lacks risk-based oversight process for civil unmanned aircraft systems

Typical small drone with camera (photo: Don McCullough / CC:by) 7 December 2016

The U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG) concluded, following an audit, that the FAA does not verify that drone operators actually meet or understand the conditions and limitations of their exemptions either before or after the application is approved.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 veered off runway on landing at Darwin Airport, Australia

20161206_b738_vh-vui_fr24 7 December 2016

Virgin Australia flight VA1465, a Boeing 737-800, veered off the right side of runway 29 whilst landing at Darwin International Airport, Australia, due to strong winds. The ATSB is investigating.

Key Lime Air Swearingen Metro cargo plane accident near Pelham, Georgia, USA

Flight profile of Key Lime flight 308 6 December 2016

A Swearingen Metro cargo plane, operated by Key Lime Air, is reported to have crashed near Pelham, Georgia. The pilot has been killed.

TransAsia Airways fined for disclosing confidential information during accident investigation

Wreckage of GE235 in the Keelung River 28 November 2016

TransAsia Airways was given a penalty for their interference with the official investigation into the fatal accident involving an ATR-72 at Taipei, Taiwan.

How a Germania Boeing 737-700 was cleared to take off from a closed runway

st6129 28 November 2016

A recently released incident investigation report shows how a Germania Boeing 737-700 was forced to abort the takeoff after having been cleared to depart from a closed runway at Las Palmas-Airport de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Report: Japanese flight inspection Gulfstream G-IV hit by lightning

20150313-0-c-1 27 November 2016

A Gulfstream G-IV jet, operated by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, suffered a lightning strike during an inspection flight. The crew lost the DME display and the aircraft was damaged, according to the JTSB investigation report. A safe landing was carried out at Tokyo International Airport.

Report: Asiana A320 hits aerials in fog after descent below Decision Altitude

The A320 after evacuation at Hiroshima (JTSB) 26 November 2016

An Asiana A320 impacted aerials short of the runway in fog after descending below Decision Altitude, according to a report released by the Japanese TSB.